Dealing with rejection

As an artist I am dealing with rejection all the time, people telling me what to do or what NOT to do. Who do I listen to? How do I get help? The key might be the way I canalize this information so that I can be free of frustration.

To deal with rejection in a positive way I follow these 3 points, I hope you find them helpful as well.

1.- It is not about me

How am I not suppose to take it personal when it is “MY ART”, “MY CREATION”. The key is not to let ego talk for me. Just keep creating as if it was the last time.

2.-Find more than one mentor

I have a lot of friends that help in my growth, but mentors are different from friends. I choose to have mentors that I deeply admire. I look for them when searching for answers. I have guides close to me and I make sure I ask for help when I am struggling.

3.- Criticism is good

When I am starting a new painting it helps to be a sensitive and receptive person. Being connected with my emotions contributes in my expression but it is not the best tool to deal with criticism and rejection. How do I balance this? When criticism affects me I choose to percieve judgement as unresolved issues and as an opportunity to resolve them. Having this attitude helps me discover something new about myself and soon it becomes a blessing.



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