Everything starts with an idea, someone telling you about this great thing you might like. For me it was a group of friends supporting the idea that I already had for a while; The idea “To only do what I love, and make a living from it”. It sounds simple and easy right? In a way it is, because now I am doing what I absolutely LOVE.
ART with Maru is a time for yourself to explore the creativity that is within you. All I ask is that students bring an image or a inspiration picture of your own and paint from that concept, during the 3 hour class I will let you be the driver and I will be in the passenger seat by helping you with the technique and the basics of acrylic painting,  the rest is all you!!!
Most students have very little or zero experience painting and to see some of their secret talents come out and be embodied in a canvas is amazing. My mission is to promote art around my community and get the best out of people by exploring their artist side. Follow me on Facebook for more information on the next ART with Maru !!!







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