Accidents are possibilities

Some of my friends do yoga, meditate, play an instrument, dance, exercise or even watched TV to get some distraction  from the daily routine. What do I do? I choose to paint, because it is the one thing that lets me listen to my heart then that feeling gets to travel to my head and finally to my hand to be translated in a canvas so  I can see it, touch it and then share it with more people.

When I am painting the hours seem to be just seconds, there is simply no time, but let me tell you something even better, when I am painting there are no “accidents”, the  mistakes I have done while painting have taught me different techniques, have taught me to improvise in the moment to change my focal point. The mistakes sometimes are so amazing that they are the best part of my composition, the one thing people love the most when they look at it.

The “accidents” in painting reminds me that in life there is no right or wrong there is no good or bad there is no black or white; things are just the way they should be,  and when we resist to them is when we create frustration. Do I get frustrated when I am painting? Yes I do, my emotions are alive and I tend to be more sensitive than normal. When I get frustrated I just take a break, I take a sip of water if there is no wine around me, I walk away I change the music, I kiss my love, I open the window to get some fresh air and really important I breath. When I come back I always see things different, but different in a good way. I choose to canalize the frustration into something positive, if I am happy I paint, if I am sad I paint, if I am overwhelm I paint in other words, I paint all the time.

To be honest with you  I don’t know how I was able to survive for the first part of my life without my paintings, maybe I am crazier than before and this is the only way I can survive now…. no,  I don’t think so, I just think I am in a moment in my life where I choose to do what I love the most and that is painting.



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